Companies & startups

I have worked with, mostly as an independent consultant:

Machine learning consulting on automatic CT scan analysis.

Smart Agrometer
Machine learning consulting, data analysis, and algorithm development in estimating mineral deficiencies from plant leaf spectroscopy for precision fertilization.

Machine learning consulting, data analysis, and algorithm development for retail demand inputation and forecasting.

Emergency medical services data analysis and geo-temporal demand prediction in Lithuania.

Vittamed, later Boston Neurosciences
Data analysis and algorithm development for a next generation of a non-invasive intracranial pressure measuring device used by NASA researchers, among others.

Researching translation alignment algorithms.

TZM Creative Lab
Advising on machine learning and signal processing.

Bliu Bliu
Early-stage startup development in language learning by automatic content curation.

Planet intelligent systems GmbH
Developing recurrent neural network algorithms for handwriting recognition, doing joint scientific research between the company and university, advising on implementation.

Singleton Labs.
Designing and lead-developing a flexible and feature-rich data visualization library for .NET platform.