Dr. Mantas Lukoševičius

Mantas LukoševičiusPhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning)

Welcome to my research homepage!

I am a machine learning researcher / associate professor at Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Informatics, and a freelance data scientist / machine learning consultant.

In other words, I learn and help others to: students, companies; even machines.

I did my master’s and PhD with Prof. Herbert Jaeger in MINDS research group at Jacobs University Bremen (the group later moved to University of Groningen).
I also did a memorable scientific internship at Mila research institute in artificial intelligence (then part of Université de Montréal) led by Prof. Yoshua Bengio.

My research interests include:

I also have a background in software engineering. On a less technical side my interests range from philosophy, anthropology, sustainability, economics and entrepreneurship to arts.

I am a founding member of AI association of Lithuania. I have designed and am giving a hands-on “Advanced Machine Learning” course to about 60 master’s and advanced bachelor’s students in Kaunas University of Technology since 2019.


mantas dot lukosevicius at gmx dot com

Studentų g. 50–101A
LT-51368 Kaunas